Lee Kemp Letter

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Top Wrestler, Lee Kemp, Reveals All Those Secrets That Raised Him From "Average Wrestler" to World Champion...

"With an 11-8 Record During My Freshman and
Sophomore Years in High School,
I Was 'Just Another Wrestler.'

"Then I Learned Something The Next Summer
That Changed Me Forever

"In My Junior Year I Became


"Since Then I've Become a
and Many Experts Consider Me to Be
The World's Greatest American Wrestler of All Time!"

-- Lee Kemp

Dear Wrestler,

You are probably wondering what changed during that summer to turn me into a champion wrestler.

Many coaches, wrestlers and their parents have asked me that same thing over the years. And I always try to give them my best answer in the brief time we have together.

But, you know what? It just isn't enough time to properly explain and teach the principles and, more importantly, to cause the explosive changes necessary to transform them into champions.

And that's why I got together with Dr. Rob Gilbert, the world's leading expert on sport psychology and wrestling.

Dr. Gilbert was able to sit down with me and extract every last detail that you need to know to become a champion wrestler.

You know, it's funny but he was able to get me to recall some very important things that I had either totally forgotten or assumed that everyone knew (they didn't). What we have put together is a program that is SO powerful, SO effective, and SO easy to learn that you get this spectacular GUARANTEE:

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