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Yes, YOU Can Learn to Paint Works of
Art that You Can Be Proud of and
that Others Will Admire

Now, at last, the Lela Harty School of Art offers you
the most complete, most informative, most useful video course
in painting instruction available anywhere...

And once you have learned this method of painting,
you will be able to paint anything and paint it well

Dear Friend,

Thank you for inquiring about this fantastic course.

For years, all painters -- beginners and professionals alike -- have had to learn their art techniques in bits and pieces from information they would get in various "how-to" books and magazines. They had to make do with a tremendous amount of poor instruction.

But, not anymore.

Now, you can get all the information, instructions and techniques that the masters used. And you can get it in one complete course -- the Lela Harty Oil Painting Course.

In this easy-to-understand video course, you follow a method that has been evolved and honed by the old masters but until now has been the guarded secret of a very few professional artists.

All you need to do is follow this method and you will begin to paint with great confidence and skill. People will think you've been painting for years, even if you've never painted a stroke before!

In 8 simple and easy to follow lessons you will learn the secrets that the old masters knew about how to easily create beautiful oil paintings.


This is NOT just another set of video tapes showing an artist at work. No. Instead, you will see actual students in the process of learning. And all the while, Lela Harty, a master artist herself, will be teaching the student -- and you, the viewer -- just what to do.

Before you know it, you'll be creating works of art that are so fantastic, you'll hardly believe it was you who...

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Copyright © 2002 by: Carl Galletti