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Many People Have Spent $40,000 To $50,000 Or More
And 4 or More Years of Their Lives Going to College...
Yet, They Still Do Not Earn

$75.00 An Hour!!!

And They Certainly Do Not Have The Freedom
To Work Whenever They Want!
BUT Now You CAN because...

Now, For Very Little Money, You Can
Get Into The Very Profitable Business Of Cleaning Computers And Realistically
Earn $75.00 An Hour!!!
(And, Yes, You WILL Have The Freedom
To Work Whenever You Want)

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Dear Friend,

Make $75.00 per hour? It may sound unbelievable. Many people thought so when they first heard about cleaning computers. However, after I showed them my insider secrets, they changed their minds.

Then they went out and were actually able to make $75.00 each and every hour they worked. Just like I did. And just like I believe YOU can do, if you try it.

Work full-time: say 40 hours per week... and you will make a cool $3,000.00 each week!

That's more than $150,000.00 a year!!!

You should know that $75.00 per hour (it takes an hour or less to clean the average personal computer) is realistic because that's what I've charged from the beginning and I always have more than enough customers willing to pay it.

I've also trained other people to clean computers and their letters to me state they found it easy to make this much money. You will, too.

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Copyright © 2002 by: Carl Galletti