Jay Abraham Letter

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Jay Abraham's NEW MASTER MIND Summit

"Last Year, During The Deepest Recession Of The Decade,
I Made More Money Than 95% Of The Forbes Magazine Top
800 Most Powerful CEOs

"This Year I Would Like To Reveal The Secrets
Which Made This All Possible
To A Select Group Of People Like YOU

"And To Make Sure That You Get The Most Out Of It,
I Have Created A Unique New Coaching System Which
I Believe Makes It Almost Impossible To Fail -

"If You Qualify, You Could Be On Your Way To
More Riches And Success Than You
Have Ever Dreamed Possible..."


Dear Friend,

I have just created a unique coaching system that I believe is a no-fail way to teach others to be as successful at applying my principles as I am.

You are invited to be the first of a select group of people in the Los Angeles area to have the opportunity to participate in this intimate, once a month, live consultation/master-mind/ training session with me.

In this intensive half-day session you will learn how to solve your greatest marketing problems and how to take advantage of the opportunities and resources that have been lying hidden in your business and your life - opportunities and resources that, once released, will SKYROCKET YOU into the realm of big-time riches and success.

Each session will be strictly limited to 50 highly-motivated, no-nonsense people who are committed to applying the secrets they learn at each monthly session and who are serious enough to follow-through over a solid year of these...

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