"How To Make Maximum PROFITS in Minimum Time"
Volume I
by Peter Sun 

Dear Friend,

This amazing new book gives you the marketing secrets that will put WADS of CA$H in YOUR POCKETS!!!

Peter has taken the best of the back issues of his newsletter and put them into one, easy to read manual.

He calls it "How To Make Maximum PROFITS in Minimum Time." It has eleven back issues of his $195/year newsletter.

Normally, these back issues sell for $19.00 each but as part of this "best of the best" collection, you get them for a lot less. The techniques you'll discover, however, are priceless...

Here is what one business owner had to say after applying one of the Peter Sun techniques contained on page 57 of this manual: "We spent $10,000 in a year on marketing consultants with NO RESULTS! I used some 'Peter Sun Theories' and got an increase in income of around $40,000 for one month." Frank Kaslik, Newcastle.

You can see this and many other proven ads and strategies in Peter's new manual.

Many Profitable Examples

You'll see how one person generated over $15,000 extra in 2 days with a new approach to advertising. (See his ad on page 25 of this manual.)

Or another person who took $143,000 in sales in less than 2 months with a direct mail campaign. Previous results, using his old techniques, were dismal (see page 20).

There are over 39 proven ad and letter examples for you to learn from -- but that's not all.

Here's What Else You'll Learn:

  • How To Turn $200 Into $16,000 In Less Than 14 Days With Effective Ads.
  • How To At Least Double Your Profits in Less Than 30 Days.
  • How A Service Provider Got 85 New Customers in 9 Days.
  • A Simple Technique Used By A 19 Year-Old Girl to Make $1,000.00 Per Week!
  • How One Business Tripled Its Sales By Giving Away Something FREE!
  • How To Get $15,000 Worth Of Free Advertising For Your Business Each Year
  • 15 Easy Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back - And Spending Their Money With You.
  • The Amazing Secret Of Getting New Customers For Your Business.
  • How To Use Cheap Classifieds And Two-step Marketing To Make Up To $10,000 A Week In Extra Sales.
  • How An Ad Increased Sales From $1000 to $8000.00 Per Month by Changing It's Style!!!
  • An Ad Technique That Brings in $40,000.00 Per Month To A Home-Based Business!!!
  • How To Make $25,000.00 A Month With Low Budget, High Profit Projects.
  • How To Steal Customers From Your Competitors Using A Little Known Direct Mail Technique.
  • 9 Words That Brought In $65,000.00 in 14 Days.
  • How To Turn Price Shoppers Into Profitable Sales - Even If Your Prices Are Higher Than Your Competitors.
  • How To Make An Extra $100,000 A Year Publishing Your Own Newsletter.
  • How To Market Your Products To The World Using The Internet.
  • The 7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes - And How To Avoid Them.
  • An Amazing System That Generates Up To $55,000.00 Per Week With A Simple Follow-Up Technique.
  • 6 of The Top Selling Products on The Internet and Why.
  • A Simple Method That Brought In An Extra $48,000.00 A Week!!!
  • A Phone Script That Got An Astounding 95% Appointment Rate!
  • 11 Words That Earned $500,000.00 in 3 Months for An Elderly Lady!
  • A Letter That Sold $100,000.00 Worth of Videos in Less Than 5 Weeks!!!
  • A System of Using Press Releases That Brings in $11 Million in Sales Each Year With NO Advertising Costs!!!
  • 8 Easy Steps That Will Get You Positive Media Attention.
  • Plus many other examples of successful ads, letters and promotions you can apply in your business.

If you had to learn these techniques on your own, it would take months, maybe years, and thousands of dollars in lost profits or actual losses.

If you hired Peter to advise you, it would cost you several thousands of dollars.

You could also go to seminars to hope to get stuff this good but you'd probably spend a few thousand dollars and get inferior techniques.

Even if you subscribed to Peter's newsletter, it would cost you $209 plus shipping from Australia -- and you would have had to get it over a period of 11 months.

But you won't have to do all that because now they are all available for the one low price of only $100, including FREE Priority Mail within the US.

That's a modest sum when you compare it to the thousands and possibly millions you could produce by applying Peter's techniques in your own business.

It has for others. It can also happen for you. All you need is this manual and a little common sense.

And just to make sure, I'm throwing in 2 extra bonuses:

1. FREE Email Newsletter called AdSecrets -- Advertising and Marketing SECRETS that Could Make You Rich. This is a weekly newsletter written by me, Carl Galletti. It would normally cost you at least $400 a year, if you were receiving it in the mail. But it's yours FREE via email with your purchase of this manual.

2. FREE: three one-hour group tele-classes with me, Carl Galletti. This is an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about your advertising, how to apply the information in the manual or anything else related to the success of your business. Normally, I charge $250.00/hour for consultations but this is a much less expensive way to get my advice. Others will be paying $99.00 for this class, but it's yours FREE with the purchase of this manual.

So, there you have it. Over $209 worth of newsletters, the AdSecrets email newsletter worth over $400 and the three tele-classes worth $99 -- that's $708 worth of profit-producing materials for your use for only $100.

And all you have to do is pick up the phone and call your order in NOW while it's still fresh in your mind. Thousands and thousands of dollars in profits are waiting for you. So, act now.


My Very Best to You,

Carl Galletti

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