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Issue 8 Part I

Welcome to AdSECRETS.

In this issue:

Pattern Interrupt: An Advanced Advertising Technique

Internet Marketing SuperConference at the Las Vegas Hilton (Tapes now available)


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Pattern Interrupt: An Advanced Advertising Technique

STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!! And do a dance around your computer. Sound silly? Not quite.

Most of advertising is involved in creating patterns.

The following is a group of phrases that you are already familiar with. I've left out a few of the words. See if you can fill in the blanks:

It's the ___ thing!

When it absolutely, positively, ____ ____ ____ ____.

Only YOU can prevent ____ ____.

And the advertising world is not the only purveyor of this. How about these:

To be, or not to be, ___ ___ ___ ___.

An apple a day, ____ ____ ____ ____.

When the ad industry goes about trying to create a pattern they spend millions of dollars on it. How can you, with much less resources, compete? By interrupting the pattern. What is this? Simple. Just take what you would normally expect and change it to something else. Of course, it has to make sense in your context.

A recent movie capitalized on this idea by having the title "Eyes Wide Shut." That's an interrupt on the pattern cliche "eyes wide open." It attracted a lot of attention. Sure there were other reasons why it did. But the pattern interrupt insured that people didn't forget the name of the movie once the coming attractions made them decide they wanted to see it.

A few years ago my attention was dragged to the TV which was ringing like my phone. Some smart advertiser started their commercial with the sound of a phone ringing. Your TV usually doesn't ring. But when hear the phone ringing, your attention is directed toward it. And that's when the commercial really began. Of course, you can only do that so much before the pattern interrupt itself becomes a pattern.

So, how can you use a pattern interrupt on a smaller scale? Oftentimes, an attachment to a letter is used. I've seen dollar bills, coins, fossils, aspirins, lottery tickets and other things used. You don't expect to get it in the mail. So, when you do, it interrupts the pattern of what you expect, grabs the attention of your reader

A pattern interrupt can also be used in copy. Notice how this article started. The pattern is for someone to READ the article. So I inserted a pattern interrupt by telling you to STOP READING and dance around your computer. Did you? It really doesn't matter. It got your attention and broke the pattern. Many of you who are reading this now would probably not have gotten this far otherwise (although I would like to believe you would have, eventually).

Be careful though.

Someone once used the headline "Submarines That Fly?" That's certainly a patten interrupt. But the ad had nothing to do with submarines or flying and other than the fact that it was a pattern interrupt didn't have any purpose. The ad didn't work. Perhaps it could have if the copy had been written properly. But it wasn't. Notice that the first sentence in this article (the pattern interrupt) served a purpose: to demonstrate a pattern interrupt. Later I referred back to it, as I am now. And the transition from the pattern interrupt to the beginning of the article was both relevant and smooth.

Perhaps you can get away with just a "Submarines That Fly?" approach. But I think it is better to integrate the pattern interrupt with what you are saying. In other words, don't JUST be clever. Once you've interrupted your reader's pattern, it may stir up some heavy emotions. Handle it wisely. And, as always, make sure the product or service you are delivering is worthy of your efforts.


Internet Marketing SuperConference at Las Vegas Hilton


Last October we assembled some top speakers for the Internet Marketing SuperConference at the Las Vegas Hilton.. I, of course, was one of them. Here is just a short overview of the others.

Corey Rudl is one of the top Internet marketers around. His Car Secrets site earns him $500,000.00 a year and only takes 20 minutes a day to run. His Internet Marketing Center site is promoted by over 10,000 affiliates and generates a cool $1.5 million a year in sales. Corey told a story of how one guy he knows turned his "idea" into $750 million in just 18 months!!!

MARLON SANDERS (http://www.higherresponse.com/):
Marlon's product "The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy" was ranked #1 on AssociatesPrograms.com for 4 consecutive months this year. It always ranks in the top 10. He commands $1000.00 an hour for consulting and has been dubbed Marlon "The Truth" Sanders because he is known for cutting through the BS and exposing the truth. While he doesn't make millions, his claim to fame is he makes a very healthy six-figure income while only working an hour a day. He will
demonstrate how to take the afternoon off EVERY afternoon. I like to refer to him as the Right-Reverend Sanders. What he says is GOSPEL!!!

JONATHAN MIZEL (http://www.cyberwave.com/):
Jonathan is one of the top marketers on the Internet today. As Marlon Sanders says: "Jonathan's methods are positively insane! He teaches the stuff everyone else is afraid to, all the forbidden fruit! E-mail, search engine tricks, and lead generation techniques that are incredibly effective at bringing home the bacon!" Thousands have subscribed to Jonathan's newsletter at $195.00/year and he charges $3,000.00 for his seminars. Pay very close attention to what he says. He's one of the most experienced Internet marketers today and he knows exactly what works and what doesn't.

Ed Taylor has been awarded the title of "The Most Requesteed Speaker on Internet Marketing." He's got some blockbuster information to tell you that you won't find anywhere else. Just one of the things he will reveal will stand the e-commerce industry on it's head. Talk about pattern interrupt! He's tested this one thoroughly and the results will amaze you.

Kirt Christensen has already sold two of his companies, one for $11,000,000. His advanced Internet marketing techniques are what made those companies successful and saleable. He'll share those secrets with you.

Nicholas Schmidt has pioneered the concept of making your site have a "theme." Great idea and he'll show you how to multiply your profits by just focusing your site around a theme.

Paulette Ensign is the lady who has sold 500,000 copies of a single booklet she put together, much of it, especially now, is being solf over the Internet. She's a fascinating speaker with a lot of solid advice.

Shawn Casey is an author and accomplished professional speaker who brought his last company public with a market capitalization of $57,000,000.00. He'll show you exactly how he's gotten his articles published to over 1,000,000 people through Iternet newsletter alone.

David Berof runs a site that is used by over 50,000 webmasters. Jim Daniels says that David's site is the "most effective, targeted advertising network" he's ever seen in his three years of Internet marketing. David gets 500,000 page views each and every month on his site. And, for the FIRST TIME EVER, he will reveal EXACTLY how he did this.

Marty Foley is one of the most popular e-zine publishers and Internet marketers on the net. He'll show you how he's used syndicated "how-to" articles and other techniques to build traffic to his site.

David Burnet is a coach and professional speaker who has been showing small businesses and professionals how to market and expand over the Internet.

There are more speakers but rather than take the space here, why don't you check out the full details on my website at:



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