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Issue 7


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Important Marketing Lesson from a Rock & Roll Band

Contest -- WIN a FREE PRIZE!!!

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Important Marketing Lesson from a Rock & Roll Band


Who would ever expect to learn a marketing lesson from a Rock & Roll band. But this band is not just any Rock & Roll band. And that is why there is an important marketing lesson to be learned here.

The band has been around for over 30 years and even though the group's leader has been dead since 1995 and they haven't toured since then, they are still making millions of dollars a year. And sales are on the increase! Who is this band and how did they do it?

The band is The Grateful Dead. Unlike other bands of their era...heck, unlike any bands of ANY era, the Grateful Dead is a debt-free, privately held company called Grateful Dead Productions that is owned and run by the same band members who founded the band. In their 32,000 sq. ft. headquarters in California more than 80 employees ship more than 1000 packages a day. Sales of merchandise reached more than $8 million in 1998 but that's only a fraction of what all band related products generate each year -- a cool $60 million.

How did they do it?

While other bands concentrated on making records (now CDs) the Dead concentrated on doing concerts. In 1971 they initiated The "Dead Freaks Unite" campaign and built up a 30,000 name mailing list. Later, they added another 50,000 names by sending a promotion booth on tour with the band. It paid off by grossing the band an average $50 to $75 million in sales each year, making The Dead one of the top earning bands in the world. Today, they have a mailing list of 150,000 loyal fans who continue to make the band a multimillion dollar earner long after the tours stopped.

The main lesson here is to build your own customer list and promote to it regularly. If a Rock & Roll band can do it, your business can too. It's all about building a relationship. If you don't have the name and contact information of every man, woman and child who has ever bought from you or take the trouble to inquire with you, then you are losing LOTS OF MONEY. Not just current sales and profits but also FUTURE sales and profits.

Look, the first rule of advertising is to get the prospect's attention. Well, how are you gonna do that if you don't even know who the prospect is? Or where to contact him/her?

So, the first thing to do is build your customer list. How do you do that? The best way is to have a LEAD PRODUCT.

What's that, you ask? Geez, do I have to explain EVERYTHING (the answer is yes -- and remember that because that's what you should always do in all of your advertising -- never assume they know it -- always explain it).? OK. A lead product is the product that brings customers in for the first time. Fortune magazine once said that the first sale costs five times more to make than succeeding sales. So, the purpose of the lead product is to bring in that first sale.

Since it's the most expensive sale to get, it would help if it was a high profit item. But watch out! It must be a good value too, otherwise your prospect will lose faith in dealing with you and you won't get any more sales.

When I first started out I sold an out of print book for $29.95. This book was a sure thing. A couple dozen industry experts were recommending it but it was out of print and people were going crazy trying to find it. So, I got the rights from the publisher to reprint it. It sold like hotcakes. But guess what? These same experts were also recommending other books. So, whenever I got an order over the phone I'd ask, "what other books are you looking for?" Then, I'd sell them the others too. That's called upselling.

After a while all the experts were recommending me. Guys like Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Lawrence Tabak, David Van Hulst, Richard G. Nixon (Joe Karbo's Lazy Man's Way to Riches II), Jeff Paul and others.

The books didn't make me rich but the people who were buying them were also interested in my copywriting services or my copywriter protege program. And some needed good products to sell. So, I began licensing some of my products. And when I saw there was a demand for that I began acquiring products from others that I could license and/or reprint and sell.

Do you see how it works? The LEAD PRODUCT brings the customer in for the first sale. And if you are smart, you begin asking yourself "what else do these people want?" Then you create or acquire it and offer it to them. But only if you have a list of names with contact info.

By the way, I highly recommend getting the current (June, 1999) issue of Entrepreneur Magazine to read the entire story about the Grateful Dead. The article which starts on page 132 has a lot more marketing lessons for you. See if you can discover what they are. Also, check out their website at:

Contest -- WIN a FREE PRIZE!!!


A form of this test was given by The German Institute of Logical Thinking in Berlin, 1981.

The failure rate was 98%.

I modified it, putting it in a computer context.

The first person who sends in the correct solution wins the GRAND PRIZE, which is:

-- How To Make Maximum Money from Information Products (a 3-tape audio cassette set by me) - Value: $100
-- Reprint RIGHTS CD-ROM with over 600 Books, Reports & Guides you can Reprint & Sell -- Value: $100
-- How To Make a Fortune Licensing Information Products - Value: $100

Total value of the GRAND PRIZE is $300.00!!!!

After that, the next six people sending in the correct solution will win:

2. How To Get Customers To Call, Buy & Beg for More by Ken Varga - Value: $49.97
3. How To Write Million Dollar Sales Letters by Carl Galletti - Value: $29.95
4. Web Wealth by Dr. Jeffrey Lant - Value: $29.95
5. Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples - Value: $16.95
6. How to Make $500 a Day Every Day in Your Mail-Order Business by Russ Von Hoelscher - Value: $19.95

Note that the puzzle asks for which computer has the HP printer. But the solution consists of the list of all the owners correctly matched to the correct drink and brand of computer, printer and hard drive. That's not such a big deal since you have to get all of them to figure out which computer has the HP printer.

Here's the puzzle:
There are five computers facing you. You are standing in front of them. Each computer is a different brand. Each computer is used by a different person and each person has a different name. Each computer has a different printer connected to it. Each computer user drinks a different drink. Each computer uses a different brand hard drives. All computers, printers and hard drives are interchangeable, so there are no incompatibilities nor any requirements that any brand go with any other specific brand. George uses the IBM computer. Sam's computerd has a Xerox printer. Paul drinks tea. The Gateway computer is directly to the left of the NEC computer. The person who uses the Gateway computer drinks Coffee. The person who has the Canon printer has a computer with a Maxtor hard drive. The Dell computer has a Western Digital hard drive. The person who uses the middle computer drinks Milk. John uses the first computer on the left. The computer with the Quantum hard drive is next to the computer with the Epson printer. The computer with a Western Digital hard drive is next to the computer with the Okidata printer. The computer with a Fujitsu hard drive is used by the person who drinks Beer. Jim's computer has a Seagate hard drive. John's computer is next to the Compaq computer. The person who drinks Water uses a computer that is next to the computer with a Quantum hard drive. Question? Which computer has the Hewlett-Packard printer?

Email your solution to me at mailto:[email protected]

Good Luck!!!

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Let's Have a Contest! (Actually Sweepstakes)


Two issues ago I promised to show you an example of a contest/sweepstakes and how you can use it to boost website hits, sales and profits. I've decided to first present a contest and to follow it up next week with in depth details about contests, sweepstakes and lotteries -- how to keep it legal and how to use them to boost your sales, whether on a web site or otherwise. Pretty powerful stuff. You won't want to miss it.


See you next issue!!!


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Carl Galletti



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