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Issue 3 - January 15, 1999


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Welcome to AdSECRETS.

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Obviously there are millions of Internet advertisers who have not read my last newsletter because I keep seeing ads without headlines all over the Internet. Big surprise.

Well, that just puts you way ahead of the crowd -- now that you know the importance of headlines.

Don't be surprised if you start noticing lots of ads without headlines. David Ogilvy called these "headless wonders."

My philosophy is "any headline is better than no headline but a good headline is worth it's weight in gold."

I got you started writing your own headlines in the last issue. How did you do?

The exercise I gave you is very effective at training you to write good headlines but you must practice it a lot. Try coming up with as many variations as you can.

Another similar exercise which is also good is to write the headline for a variety of different products. It doesn't matter whether you sell computer software or insurance (ed: "gadzooks, oh no, not that"). The act of writing it for different products is a learning exercise that will improve your headline writing ability.

So, for example,
Do You Make These Mistakes in English?
Do You Make These Mistakes When Exercising?
Do You Make These Mistakes When Buying a Car?
Do You Get These Results When Writing Headlines?
Does Your Horse Do These Tricks After You've Trained Him?
Can You Make This Much Money in Any Other Profession?
As you can see, I didn't just substitute words. In the beginning I did, just to get the feel for it. But later, I was able to "grok" the
essence of the headline and transform it into something which was wholly new but yet captured the effectiveness of the original
That's one way to learn headline writing. We'll discuss more in future issues.
Advertising's New Secret Weapon
Every once in a while something new pops up and captures everyone's attention. The Internet/Web is one example. And it was
made possible through the penetration of new technologies into our culture.
But, sometimes older technologies combined with some new ideas give birth to some pretty exciting things.
The TeleClass is one such example. Basically, it is nothing more than a conference call. Callers dial in to a specific phone
number at a certain time and are treated to a seminar on the phone.
What has kept TeleClasses in the background until recently is the cost of the conference call. It used to be (and in some cases
still is) that the person sponsoring the conference call would have to reserve a certain number of lines and pay a per minute
charge per line for each caller, regardless of whether they showed up for the call or not.
All that has changed with a new type of "bridge." The sponsor rents these by the hour or can lease one for a year. Callers pay
for their own long distance phone call (which can be as little as $5-$6/hour, given the current discounters and 10-10 numbers).
Since these lines rent for as little as $10-$50 an hour for the sponsor, it makes it possible to offer low-cost courses and even
FREE classes.
One place to check out these courses is at TeleU:
You might especially want to check out these particular courses (which I will be participating in):
Now, why are these advertising's new secret weapon? Because the cost is low enough for you to offer FREE TeleClasses.
Basically, your cost is only the price of the bridge, which can be as little as $10-$50/hour. For this price you get to spend an
hour on the phone with your hottest prospects, showing them your stuff. Look, after you spend an hour with 20-30 or more
people, they will get to know if you know what you are talking about. And if you do...and if they are viable prospects for your
service, some of them will buy something from you -- not all, but enough to make it all worthwhile.
Let me tell you a secret. The two longest running ads of all time were full page ads that offered something for free. They were:
"Do You Make These Mistakes in English?"
"They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano - But When I Started to Play..."
Neither of these ads sold anything from the ad. And both ran successfully for nearly 40 years. Why? Because they first built a
RELATIONSHIP with their readers BEFORE asking them to buy something.
The TeleClass is an excellent tool to do the same thing. Offer a low-priced or FREE class to demonstrate your expertise and
build a relationship with interested people.
Recently, I took a TeleClass taught by the founder of the concept, Thomas Leonard. As part of the class he shared an
interesting article called "The Top Ten Points About Becoming the Host of a Network."
I think he made an excellent case for just what I'm talking about. Now he's talking about it for "coaches" but I think that
anybody who is in business should have no trouble following and profiting from his advice.
He gave participants in his class permission to share it with our network. That means you. So, I've uploaded it to my website for your benefit. You can find it in my FREE REPORTS section. Please download this and read it now.
Done? OK. Well, all this TeleClass stuff has got me thinking. I really need to be offering some free TeleClasses and I need to
offer some TeleClasses as part of some other stuff I am selling.
Sure, I am planning on doing one or two TeleClasses myself through the TeleUniversity system. But they want $50/class. I
know where I can get them for $10/hour but I was looking for something even better.
Synchronistically, I got a message from one of my subscribers and good friend, Susan Berkley. Susan's a voice over expert and
voice coach. She does the voices in commercials and telephone messages. In speaking with her she said she had some time on
her voice line that she would be willing to rent for only $50/hour. I explained how that was way too much.
To make a long story short, after much intense negotiating I got her to agree that if I handled all the registration and scheduling I
could get the time I needed plus I could sell 6 people an hour a week for only $100/year. That's less than $2/hour!!!
In case you don't grasp the usefulness of these TeleClass stuff, here are some of the way to use a teleconferencing "bridge" (as
they call it):
The above suggestions were courtesy of TeleUniversity (
My plans are to use my hours to give FREE Introductory TeleClasses on Copywriting. Here's why I am doing it. See if there
are some ideas here that you can use in your own business.
I offer a Copywriting Coaching program that I call the "Copywriter Protege Program." It's not cheap at $1995 (soon to be
going up to $2997). But there are two problems prospective buyers have.
One is "will I get my money's worth?" And the other is "am I able to do this?"
The "will I get my money's worth?" question is really a no-brainer since the average professional copywriter charges about
$6500 to write a standard direct mail sales letter (8 pages of copy plus incidentals). But what the person really wants to know
is: am I capable of teaching them? In other words: can I transfer my skill to them? They already know I can write (they've seen
samples). But can I teach them.
Well, anyone who has spent even a few minutes on the phone with me knows the answer to that question. I am very good at
what I do and I know how to teach someone else how to do the same thing. Not everyone can. I can. And after spending a few minutes with me on the phone they realize that.
Of course that's harder to do in a sales letter but it's a cinch in a TeleClass.
The second question is easily answered in the same way because when I explain the reasons behind my opinions they can see
that it is something they can pick up. What they don't know right away but will later learn is that the exercises I give them
quickly accelerate their writing ability beyond what they even imagined.
Now all of the above is evident to the new student who buys my course and spends a few minutes on the phone with me. God
bless these people because they had enough "faith" that I knew what I was doing to take the plunge.
So, do you see what an advantage it would be to others -- those who are just on the "edge" to buy -- to experience an hour on
the phone? Of course, spending an hour with each prospect might get out of hand. But with a TeleClass, it is very workable.
Do you see how that can improve my sales? Can you see how YOU might be able to use the same concept in your business?
I hope so because if you don't your competition will. There are well over 3000 students who have plunked down $2995 dollars
to go through the CoachU program. You can bet they are going to know how to use this tool. Pray none of them are in your line of business.
Now let me tell you that as soon as I let the TeleU and CoachU people know about the offer to get these hours so cheaply,
they are going to jump at the opportunity. But I thought I'd first offer them to my subscribers and give you guys first crack at
The offer is simple. For $100 you get an hour a week for a year. You get the same hour each week. It's your pick as long as it
doesn't conflict with Susan's time or someone who has scheduled before you. It's first come first served. In the future, if you
want to change your hour, you can as long as the one you want is open and you don't make it a habit.
If you are interested in this, call or email me within the next week. After that I'm opening it up to the TeleU/CoachU crowd and
I know any remaining hours will be gone in a flash.
By the way, every penny of your $100 goes to Susan to help pay for the bridge. I don't get any of it. I take my commission in
"free" hours on the bridge. So, you see, this is a win-win deal for everyone concerned.
Susan gets some money to help pay for her bridge, I get some "free" TeleClass hours and you get your hour a week at a
dirt-cheap $2/hour. Now, if you can't take this deal and parlay it into some sales, then...well, I shutter to think of what that might mean. But, if you're smart enough to subscribe to this newsletter, you're not in that category.

Next issue:

The 3 Most Important Things EVERY Web Page Should Have

My Secret Formula for Writing "Killer" Headlines

See you next week.


My Very Best to You,

Carl Galletti



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