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Carl Galletti

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The following are the primary courses available:

  • The Copywriter Protege Program
  • How To Easily Make a 6 Figure Income As a Marketing Consultant
  • How To Make Maximum Money From Information Products
  • The Marketing Made-Easy Workshop
  • How To Increase Your Profits in Any Economic Climate by Peter Sun
  • The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time
  • Bob Serling's New Business Power Marketing Program
  • How To Make Maximum PROFITS in Minimum Time - Volume I by Peter Sun

Coming soon...

  • How To Make Maximum PROFITS in Minimum Time - Volume II by Peter Sun
  • Secret Strategies and Step-by-Step Techniques for Creating & Operating a
    $104,000 a Month Business by Peter Sun
  • Bill Meyer's Internet Marketing Seminar in Cairns, Australia
  • Gary Halbert's Seminar of the Century (formerly called the Hurricane Andrew Seminar)

If you are interested in the above NON-HIGHLIGHTED products, contact:

Carl Galletti
PO Box 3934
Sedona, AZ 86340
(928) 649-2407
FAX: (928) 204-0613

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