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I am no longer writing copy for clients, only for my own projects and maybe a joint venture or two. I have always maintained that any copywriter who really knows how to get results would not waste their time writing copy for clients when they could make one heck of a lot more money writing copy for themselves. I've proven that to be true, at least in my case but still kept taking on clients (I guess I just can't say no) until I was forced to realize just how much money I was losing by doing that. So, now I have put my proverbial money where my proverbial mouth is and fired all my clients.

I am still critiquing ads and running my Copywriter Protege Program, though (space is not always available for new people -- call to check first).

If you want to write your own copy consider my Copywriter Protege Program. I've said many times that the best person to write copy for your business is you, the business owner, providing you know what you're doing. Plus, it's a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE than hiring a copywriter.

Or, you can have me critique your ad. I still do that (for now).

If these are out of your price range, try my book selections.

And finally, if all of that is out of your range, you can at least sign-up for my FREE Email Newsletter/Ezine.

Whatever your choice, I wish you well and send...

My Very Best to You,

Carl Galletti

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