"I Earn up to $104,000.00 a Month, Working Just 4 Days a Week and Living In A Tropical Paradise --
Now It's YOUR Turn, So Get Ready to Get Rich!!!"

-- Peter Sun


Dear Friend,

Get ready to get rich.

Carl Galletti and Peter Sun, two of the top marketing experts in the world are joining forces to make sure you get everything you need to achieve the wealth and personal lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Today, Peter Sun is one of the world's top ranked marketing experts, earning up to $104,000 a month and commanding $2,000.00 per hour for consultations.

But it wasn't always that way.

Five years ago Peter made a crucial decision that changed and radically improved his life. Here is his story...

He swore never to own a conventional business again. Instead he elected to stay close to his family and work from home. In the following years Peter has carved a reputation as one of Australia's best and highest paid ($2,000 per hour) marketing consultants.

However after seeing two of his last clients make over $65,000 a week from just two ads and direct mail strategies he formulated for them, he decided to change yet again.

He quit his consulting business by 'sacking' all his clients and decided to take the advice he's been giving to others and apply it to his own Direct Mail Business -- selling information products to hungry business owners who want to improve their sales and profits.

Since then, working a total of just three to four days a week, Peter Sun manages to generate well over...

$25,000 A Week

...with his home-based mail order business. And he does this with just one assistant and the occasional casual help.

During his work time he is very focused, either consolidating on-going marketing campaigns or doing research and developing new products for profitable markets - such as the Internet.

His favorite project is his newsletter which is Peter's way of explaining his techniques to business owners, entrepreneurs and other marketing consultants.

Among his other projects are various marketing kits which contain manuals and tapes (video and/or audio) which further explain how to get the same kind of results that he is famous for.

The rest of the time Peter spends relaxing. Parked in his garage, next to shelves full of books and videos, is his escape machine - a sparkling silver Mercedes Benz. "The world's safest and most pleasurable car," according to Peter. The ideal vehicle for exploring the Gold Coast beaches or taking trips to Byron Bay, Noosa and beyond with his wife, their four year old daughter and a toddler in tow. Spending time with his children is Peter's main priority. As he says, "It's no use waiting until they are 17 and ready to leave home to start to spend time together. Now is the time when the foundations are laid for their future and my relationship with them." Peter added, "I have consulted with too many business owners whose spouses think they are strangers, their kids are on drugs and their personal lives are headed for disaster.

The best advice I give to someone like that is...


Peter's other regular escapades with his family include trips to the USA and Canada where he meets with some of the other top direct marketers to share ideas and strategies, as well as having a holiday.

Tall, well tanned and with a surfboard under his arm, Peter looks like a well heeled beachcomber. That is, until words pour out of his mouth on marketing and the future ways of doing business. "Many months ago I planned to do what I am doing now because I knew it would give me the...

Freedom To Enjoy A Lot Of Free, Unstructured Time and To Have A Lot Of Fun

"Because the products we market make a difference, a real difference," he proclaims. "Quite often my advice and our products are directly responsible for making it possible for someone to stay in business, make a profit and have a better lifestyle. A lot of the time we are influencing their business future, their family's future - and the lives of their employees as well."

Peter is a believer in planning. Over 5 years ago he and his wife wrote out their goals: "To be recognized as the best and highest paid marketing and direct mail business consultant in Australia." And to...

"Earn In Excess Of $10,000 Per Week Working From Home Less Than 4 Days Per Week"

They have exceeded both those targets.

So how does he do it? As a consultant, he helped a driveway construction company overcome the problem of getting 20 calls a week and just one job. Peter's solution: A telephone script and a new quotation letter format that gets 10 out of 20 callers to become customers at prices 25% higher than their competitors charge. At an average job of $6,300 this means a tidy profit for his clients. All this took just a couple of hours work with the client.

Another company couldn't get people to their free seminars in the highly competitive investment real estate market. Peter's new strategy of charging for the seminar and changing the ads and flyers the company used resulted in a...

17 Fold Increase In Attendance

...and many extra sales of their $150,000 properties.

The key to the success in his own Direct Mail business is to find people who want to buy something first - then develop the products for them. This is a complete opposite to what most people do in business. Which is spend most of the money on setting up the business getting the products and then trying to find the customers. As Peter said, "I always know before I develop a product if it's going to sell." He further comments, "The best thing about the direct mail business, is you can start with very little money and the business is self-funding as it grows." According to Peter, you develop your expertise and as it grows, so does your income. The aim is to first establish a client base of customers. Peter estimates each 1000 clients on his database earn him...

$200,000.00 PER YEAR IN INCOME

...from additional product sales.

Once you have a client base, you simply test new products and services by offering them to your clients. This will tell you, in advance and at little risk, just how profitable each venture will be.

As your skills improve, you sell higher priced items that return larger profits for less time invested. Since the products are unique, you never have to compete on price in the marketplace. Thus you can now work less and earn more to give yourself the lifestyle most people in business aspire to, but never achieve.

As Peter put it with a big smile, "Home based Direct Mail marketing is the only business that as you get better,

You Can Earn More, By Working Less

and without increasing your overhead" -- adding, "this means if you want to take off on a holiday for a month or two, you can go and the business virtually runs itself."

According to Peter it wasn't always that easy. "I can remember working ten hour days, 6-7 days a week wondering where the next dollar was going to come from."

But even in those early days Peter was very selective in the clients he took on and the products he would market. "We will not promote anything we don't believe in ourselves." Peter claims. This means that as a non-smoking, non-drinking, vegetarian of ten years, he will not promote lots of potentially profitable products that he believes may cause harm to others.

"Now we help other people who want to come into the Direct Mail business. Through the newsletter and other products we show them how to avoid the mistakes we made. We can short cut much of the time it took us to learn how to do it right.

"As a result, they get started faster and start making money sooner. That's the kind of effect we are looking to create.

"So, our new goal is to show as many others as possible how they can achieve the lifestyle and wealth that we now enjoy."

Peter's parting words were, "If you have a goal to be a success, what I have done is paved the road for you. If you are willing to learn and put in the time, it's virtually impossible to fail in this business."

With that he noted that it was time to head to the beach!!!

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